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Make, Eat, Share, Enjoy… four words Mese use to describe a fun meal with friends and family. We’re far from the cold metal feeling that comes with high-end cutlery. Mese in middle English also meant ‘food that is on the table’. It’s pronounced ‘messy’.

Our challenge was to build a brand that is disruptive to a traditional industry, with an approachable and friendly tone. It had to be fun and… a bit messy.

The brand identity is based on observations we made around a dinner table with friends. The repeat pattern is a reminder of those exchanges, the ‘wild’ font of informality, and the vibrant colours reflect the overall experience. We went as far as possible from the expected stainless steel cutlery brand.

The result is striking. The packaging design for the entire range has made an impact – especially the Dexter cutlery set, for people with impaired dexterity. It’s a vibrant, stylish box that really stands out from other disability product packaging.

Working with Cobo was a dream. Their professional focus, creative flair and artistic direction have transformed concepts, ideas and discussions into a brand identity that was everything we were looking for and more. 

Their meticulous approach coupled with an in depth knowledge of every step of the branding, packaging and marketing process has driven our company forward and enabled the development of a product that looks contemporary, interesting and stylish.

I cannot recommend Cobo highly enough. Aside from their creativity, their vision and input has aided decisions in areas of business development, sales and even product development. 


Ryan Leverton | Managing Director, MESE

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