Imagine if you could put all your thoughts into making your product, and not worry about anything else.

Not even the one thing that could make all the difference –  its packaging.

Let’s create something new for you.

Why us?

  • We have designed packaging for big names. Check our portfolio.
  • We prototype early and often – no bad surprises!
  • We’ve got manners, respect people’s time and deadlines.
  • We work with trustworthy printers and packaging suppliers.
  • We always explore eco-friendly options.
quoteCobo’s thorough and meticulous approach coupled with an in depth knowledge of every step of the branding, packaging and marketing process has driven our company forward and enabled the development of a product that looks contemporary, interesting and stylish.

Ryan Leverton | MESE

Put all your energy into making your product the best it can be.


Packaging Audit
Industry & Competitor Research
Consumer Profiling
Art Direction
Product Photography Direction
Design & Illustration
Prototyping & Testing
Materials Research
Print & Production Sourcing & Management

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