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A Leading Global Pharmaceutical Company

Covid-19 Manager and Employee Toolkits

A leading global pharmaceutical company needed to rapidly issue a global response to support their managers and employees through the Covid-19 pandemic.

We were well placed to respond, having been designing communications for the global pharmaceutical company for over 10 years, and were asked to produce these toolkits.

The interactive PDFs were made available for download from the homepage of the leading global pharmaceutical company global website. They became essential tools to navigate the period of global uncertainty, having been downloaded across the world by managers and employees as well as the public.

The toolkits proved so popular that the UN World Food Programme subsequently asked that we design a similar document to support its effort against the global pandemic.

It was our privilege to make a contribution to the era-defining work of the Leading global pharmaceutical company, and the global effort against Covid-19.

AstraZeneca Global Employee Toolkit brochure detail 1
AstraZeneca Global Employee Toolkit brochure Coronavirus image
AstraZeneca Global Employee Toolkit brochure Employees Meeting
AstraZeneca Global Employee Toolkit brochure detail 2

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