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TecWomen CIC

Ctrl Alt Del Brand Identity

Ctrl Alt Del is an annual summit where the tech industry and communities come together to explore what a more inclusive future could look like and how technology can be used to get us there.

TECwomen CIC asked us to create a unique and original brand identity for their inaugural summit.

Brand Identity Cobo Creative Produced for CTRL ALT DEL

A brand identity by Cobo Creative for Ctrl Alt Del, a summit celebrating and encouraging diversity, accessibility and inclusivity within the technology industry.

CTRL ALT DEL Conference pattern design texture -blues

Power Up Positivity

Our vision for Ctrl Alt Del focusses on celebrating human differences in a digital world. We believe it is a place where the community shows up to create real change.

Just as Ctrl Alt Del is the keyboard shortcut for rebooting personal computers; we see the summit as a global reset in the way we approach and think about technology.

We have shown this thinking throughout the rollout of all design work for the summit. We imagine the logo as a giant LED-lit reset button, and have coupled it with taglines “Power up Positivity”, “Power up Inclusivity” and “Power up Accessibility”.

Our visual identity differs from other tech events that tend to look dark and futuristic.  Ctrl Alt Del is about positivity and creating positive uses of technology. We have used bright illustration and photomontage showing how all people can shine.

CTRL ALT DEL Hall for Cornwall Theatre Signwriting
CTRL ALT DEL Conference pattern design texture -blue-yellows
Conference Bag mercahndising design
CTRL ALT DEL Branding pattern leopard print
CTRL ALT DEL Conference Brand Guidelines
CTRL ALT DEL Conference texture -greens

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