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Branding and Logo Design

Morek is a leading force in marine engineering for the offshore renewables sector. The company dedicates their specialist skills towards a sustainable future, in both ethos and action. We were asked to create a brand that would make Morek unique to their industry, incorporating elements synonymous with the marine engineering environment.

The brand design for Morek signifies authenticity, originality, and innovation. Their logo evokes associations of both fluidity and solidity. The “M” icon is laced with the elements of the ocean, reminding us of wind and waves, the powerful movements associated with renewables at sea. The industrial font chosen for the “Morek” wordmark anchors the full logo. The industrial yellow amongst the multiple blues in the colour palette enhances these dual concepts.


“Cobo is a fantastic company to work with. They exceeded expectations by creating an original brand that makes us stand out whilst following the visual cues of the marine industry.”

Bob Colclough, MD & Naval Architect
MOREK-Engineering-naval architect- branding- poster-billboard design - detail
MOREK-Engineering-naval architect- branding- poster-billboard design

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